Hi, I'm Lynne!

I'm a web designer and developer with a passion for what I do. I feel that my unique blend of technical and creative skills set me apart, and I'm very proud of the skillset that I have worked very hard to hone.

I'm the kind of developer that you can give a scope of work to and trust me to take the project from conceptualization, to design, to a live website. I'm able to create wireframes in photoshop or indesign and build the site, along with any needed custom programming. I can even set up the server (or docker container) to deploy the site.

Because of my diverse range of talents, I'm very good at filling holes wherever there is pressure. You can delegate a wide array of tasks to me and expect quality results.

I'm great with deadlines and pressure, and I enjoy working in a collaborative environment where there is opportunity to learn and expand my talents even further.

If it sounds like I might be a good fit for you, and you are in or around the Los Angeles area, please feel free to check out my resume, send me an email, or give me a call!